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Utah: Golden Spike Travelers

December 29, 2017

November−The Golden Spike Travelers met on Nov. 14 at the Hug-Hes Café in South Ogden, UT for a pleasant dinner/social. Tom and Janice Walker were hosts for the event and were excited to introduce us to a new restaurant. We certainly were not disappointed as the food was delicious and we were treated to the luxury of our own private room. Those in attendance were: Keith/Karen Waldron, Wally/Dorma Reynolds, Glen/June Hamblin, Hal/Pat Hallett, Tom/Janice Walker, Tom/Eileen Clements, Jerry/Jan Kersey, and Sherry Kersey and special guest, Michael Kersey from Washington, who was visiting his dad, Jerry.

Our hosts provided special Thanksgiving favors for everyone and a fragrant pumpkin candle for each couple. In addition, they asked everyone to share some of the things they were grateful for which included their spouse, the beautiful autumn season we have enjoyed, good health, and this country we are privileged to live in with the freedoms we enjoy each day.

Chapter members took turns wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving holiday and safe travels.

By Eileen Clements