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Florida: Mid-Florida Winnies

December 22, 2017

November−We had much to be thankful for at our Nov. 6-9 campout at the Camper's Holiday Travel Park in Brooksville, FL. The campout was hosted by: Bill and Elaine Schilp, Jerry and Ann Taylor, and John and Mary Christof and was attended by 14 member coaches plus one guest coach. We were delighted to meet guests Jack and Andrea Wilson. They have a lovely new Vista LX 30T. The theme of the campout was the Mid-FL Winnies Doo Wop Bop which brought with it great music from the 50s and early 60s.

Eight rigs were already in place on Sunday, so we had a wonderful afternoon happy hour at Jeff and Sara's rig. The sunshine and delightful breeze made for a pleasant gathering. Of course, several snacks appeared on the picnic table for our eating enjoyment. From our vantage point across from the screened pavilion, we could watch the "locals" put on a birthday party for one of the resident campers. The folks at Camper's Holiday are delightful and welcomed us with open arms. Indeed, they brought us pieces of birthday cake and ice cream later in the afternoon!

We started out on Monday with happy hour at the screened pavilion. This was an early day so dinner was on your own. There were games and cards in the recreation hall after dinner. As usual, we were busy greeting each other and catching up as each rig entered the grounds.

We were on our own for breakfast and lunch on Tuesday and were able to enjoy the area activities and some of the restaurant recommendations provided to us by the campground and our hosts. Several participated in a competitive game of beanbag baseball during the afternoon. Happy hour followed in the screened pavilion. A fine dinner of homemade chili and sides was prepared by our hosts and was served in the recreation hall followed by desserts provided by some of our attendees.

After dinner was cleared away, our hosts prepared for the Doo Wop dance in the rec hall decorated in a 50s theme. Eight couples returned for the festivities arriving dressed in everything from neck scarves to leather jackets, bobby socks, and dancing shoes! The music was great and enjoyed by all—dancers or not.

Wednesday morning we ate a hearty breakfast and our chapter business meeting followed. Once again, you had an opportunity to go out and enjoy the area activities after the meeting. Brian Whittie set up his dash cam for the members so they could see the advantages of having such a unit. A coach loading and weights seminar by Jeff Gaston of My RV School was held in the rec hall. Our thanks to Brian Whittie for setting this up for us. The seminar was both well-attended and well-received. There was a lot of excellent information.

Later in the afternoon, happy hour commenced in the screened pavilion. A dinner of chicken stew and biscuits and a variety of desserts brought by some of the members was served in the rec hall. Most gathered for a campfire following dinner to enjoy each other's company and the beautiful evening. A campfire is an almost nightly occurrence at Camper's Holiday. The "locals" got it started and then welcomed us to join them. It was a perfect evening!

We gathered on Thursday morning for a continental breakfast and to say our goodbyes and best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. On the way out, several of us took advantage of the My RV School weighing service. Jeff Gaston had his scales set up on the exit road. Each participating coach received a written report of individual wheel weights plus the weight of the towed vehicle. Jeff Gaston discussed the data and made recommendations. It was a valuable service, indeed.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving and continued safe travels.

By Jeff Roudebush