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Iowa: Busy Bee Winnies

December 21, 2017

November−The Busy Bee Winnies met on Saturday, Nov. 4 at Bill's Pizza and Smokehouse, Independence, IA. The tables looked pretty with Christmas ornaments on red cutout mats made by Shari Harberts.

Twenty-four attended the luncheon, including members: Lyle and Marrlee Airey; Tom and Jan Bailey; Glen and Sally Boie; Jim and Kathy Conlon; Cheryl Cooper; Myrna Elliott; Paul and Shari Harberts; Kathy Hunemuller; Bob and Carol Hustad; Gary Kline; Marvin and Janie Schieltz; and Roger and Beth Swyter; Honorary members Jim and Deanna Darrah; guests Lori Wood, Gary Kline's daughter; and Barb Boie, daughter of Glen and Sally Boie.

Everyone ordered from the menu. While we were waiting for our food, everyone was asked to introduce themselves and tell what their plans were for the winter. The treasurer, Mary Jane Schieltz, collected dues for 2018.

Thank you to Paul and Shari Harberts for hosting the luncheon. A special thank you to Shari for the beautiful white Christmas tree ornaments she made for each of us and the red centerpieces.

By Mike Donahue