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Oklahoma: Green Country Winnies

December 21, 2017

November−Greetings, Green Country Winnies! We had a great November Thanksgiving outing Nov. 2-5 at the Choctaw RV Park KOA in Durant, OK. The facilities there are outstanding and the staff treats us so good.

Those of us who were there: Bob and Debbie Adamson, Bob Allwein, Bill Baldwin, HB Canida, Darrell and Connie Carver, Pete and Shirlene Cozzitorto, Steve and Nancy Ferguson, Mike and Susie Grimes, CW and Denise Harris, Arno Pautsch, Gene and Delores Parnell, Bill and Carolyn Roberts, Paul and Janey Ronck, Susie Smeal, Jerry and Wanda Standridge, Henry and Orlene Stone, Joe and Sue Wall, and Ken and Donna Zwiegel.

Thursday several of the ladies went thrift store shopping. It was the usual thrill of the hunt. The five of them (Connie, Delores, Denise, Nancy, and Donna) came back with a few treasurers. Later, we all went to BG's for a catfish dinner.

Friday was focused on preparing our Thanksgiving feast, eating it, and then cleaning up afterwards. The food was fabulous! Later we had a fun beanbag baseball game. Carolyn made another homerun, too!

We had our meetings Saturday morning. Lunch was wonderful leftovers from Friday. Then we hung around the room, talked, and played games or worked on puzzles. Steve Ferguson gave his devotional from the TX State Rally. It was about Halloween and its connection to Christianity and pagan traditions. It was so interesting. Thanks, Steve.

Mid-afternoon, we gathered around three different TVs in the room and lobby. Some of the ladies played 31 and listened to the others cheer—especially Susie Grimes. That lady really gets all worked up over OU. Actually, there was lots of cheering for both teams. Believe it or not, we ate our way through the game! Good snacks!

Sunday for breakfast we had pancakes, sausage, and fruit cocktail. Then Henry gave his devotional about being thankful for all our many blessings and for all that God is and does for us.

Then we cleaned up, packed up, and headed down the road to our various destinations.

When you enjoy your Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks, remember to be thankful and count your many blessings.

By Ken Zwiegel