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Florida: Buccaneer Winnies

December 13, 2017

November−We camped at Hide-A-Way Resort and it is a beautiful place. We like games, any and all. We had our official Buccaneer Winnies chapter meeting. We had a delicious time at the Anna Maria Oyster Bar.

The Gamble Mansion was on our tour list. It is the oldest Southern Plantation in FL. The tour guide was enthusiastic about all of the history within the plantation and we listened intently. No one fell into the well…and that was a good thing.

Later we gathered at the German-inspired Old Castle Restaurant in Sun City. It was like visiting the Hofbrauhaus in Munich. This restaurant will go on our list of favorite places to eat when we come to town.

We are always ready to play more games. The trains are leaving the station. Everyone likes to play Mexican train. Those with the most points at the end of the game are the winners, right???

If we are not playing games, then we are eating. We found another good restaurant at the Sea Hut. The food was good and the company was even better.

We celebrated with the November party for member birthdays and anniversaries. Did I mention that we like to play games?

Good friends and good food…what more can we say!

By David Rosenblatt