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Washington: Rainier Ramblers

December 12, 2017

September−At the OR State WIT Rally in Rickreall, OR Sept. 20-24, from Wednesday to Sunday, nine coaches represented the Rainier Ramblers. We were fed each day from breakfast to dinner.

There were many opportunities for fun, great seminars to educate and entertain us, and many people to meet and greet from mostly OR WIT Chapters, but also from other states besides those of us from WA. Each day there were many activities to choose from and prize drawings as well.

Jim Smith, O.T.W.I President, (better known as "Curly") and many volunteers made the event flow very well! We were grateful to be there and were treated wonderfully. As with all "big" events, there were a few glitches, but it was a fun time!!

By Carol Robel