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Washington: Rainier Ramblers

December 12, 2017

October−A great time was had by all at Hoquiam River RV Resort Oct. 13-15. The event was hosted by Chuck and Jolene Laguna and their grandsons, Eli and Ethan. There were six families at the rally.

On Friday, most of the members arrived (a couple arrived on Thursday) and it was a lot of fun sitting around visiting and getting to know the area.

There was a nice fire pit at the park—it was nice sitting around the fire. We grilled our dinner and then went inside to enjoy it and the clubhouse. After dinner, we played card bingo with fabulous prizes for winners. It was a lot of fun and there were a number of winners. After bingo, the I-Spy photo scavenger hunt game was handed out. The participants had to look at a snippet of a photo and identify what the photo was a picture of. All of the photos were of things around the park.

Saturday morning was on your own. Some of the group headed off to the casino for breakfast to invest in the economy of the area. John, Joe, Chuck, and Eli took off for Westport for some crabbing. We had a hearty breakfast at a local restaurant and then off to catch some crabs. At Westport, the crabs need to be 6" in order to keep them. We all caught a number of 5¾ crabs that had to go back. At the end of the day, Eli and I brought home three crabs while Joe and John brought home their crabbing gear!

We had a no-host happy hour and meeting in the community room. Dinner was homemade chili and side dishes, including fresh crab. The evening was spent playing Left, Right, and Center and Joe was the big winner. He has enough quarters to do laundry for months.

Sunday morning we had breakfast burritos and hash browns along with our fruit bowl. The Woods won the I-Spy contest and the raffle that morning was won by Jolene Laguna.

By Carol Robel