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Oklahoma: Green Country Winnies

November 30, 2017

October−Greetings, Green Country Winnies! Our October outing was another good one. Those who came were: Bob and Debbie Adamson, Bob Allwein, Gene and Delores Parnell, Paul and Janey Ronck, Susie Smeal, Patrick and Janet Wright, and Ken and Donna Zwiegel.

We arrived on Monday (Oct. 9), met in the room, cooked brats outside on the deck, and had our delicious potluck dinner. This was Paul and Janey Ronck's first outing. They are new Green Country members who joined recently. They are fun people and we all enjoyed getting to know them. Bob and Debbie Adamson told us all about their AK tour they took this summer. They had a wonderful time and told us many stories. It was a good evening with good friends.

On Tuesday, we carpooled to Tahlequah. We had a great time on our Cherokee history tour. We met Janelle Adair (our guide) at the Restaurant of the Cherokees for a buffet lunch. Then we began our shuttle bus trip. Janelle gave us an overview and a wealth of information about the Cherokee people, their history, and their culture. We toured the Cherokee National Supreme Court, the Cherokee National Prison Museum, and the George M. Murrell Home. We stopped by the John Ross Museum. It was closed so Janelle told us all about it while we sat in the shuttle bus. Janelle is an excellent guide.

Tuesday evening some ate dinner in their coaches and the rest of us went in search of a restaurant. The one we intended to go to was closed, so we drove around and around and finally found one called 28 Springs in Siloam Springs. It was very good, a little upscale, and the portions were rather large.

On Wednesday, we had a lazy day. We spent a lot of time in the room playing games. We had hamburgers and leftover potluck for lunch. Then we had our Green Country meeting. Since we had less than 10 coaches, we had to pay for the room. We were able to cover the cost of the room with the $10 we collected from this outing and what was left over from what we collected in September.

After the meeting, we played cards and visited. Some of us checked out the falls. We had more potluck leftovers for dinner.

On Thursday, we went to Gentry, AR to the Wooden Spoon for lunch. That is one of my personal favorite restaurants. The food is outstanding and the desserts are super fantastic! After lunch, two carloads went back to the campground. The other carload went to the Wild Wilderness Drive-Through Safari only a couple of miles from the Wooden Spoon. We had thought it was a small facility and would only take an hour or so to go through. It turned out to be much larger (and more expensive) than we had anticipated so, we decided to also go back to the campground. Maybe we will make it something we will do at some future outing when we have more time to enjoy it.

Thursday evening we all sat around a great campfire. We didn't have dinner, but rather people would get something out of their coach to eat by the campfire. We also had s'mores and toasted marshmallows later.

Friday we had a continental breakfast and visited before we all headed out. It was a fun outing. Wish more had attended.

By Ken Zwiegel