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Illinois: Cardinal Capers

November 30, 2017

October−Our last camping weekend was at Kamp Komfort in Carlock, IL. Members attending were: Jim, Gastels, Grosses, Hickses, Dean, Korzuns, Olsons, Rudolphs, Watnes, and Dave. Our newest guest members, Paul Mapes and Kim Tedrick, joined us for their first outing with us and they fit into our group just fine! Our wagonmasters were: Hickses, Korzuns, and Rudolphs and they had planned a terrific weekend for us!

Instead of the usual "hot dogs and more" on Thursday, we celebrated with Hawaiian Night in the heated garage at the campground. The wagonmasters provided the Hawaiian chicken casserole, with other members bringing fresh pineapple, white rice, and desserts. We wore Hawaiian shirts and enjoyed the evening discussing Hawaiian facts and culture. Appropriate decorating with shell leis was provided. No grass skirts or coconut bras were seen.

On Friday, we met for breakfast at the Carlock Family Restaurant and our monthly meeting was held as soon as we returned to the campground. The rest of the day was free to do whatever we wanted so some of us played pinball at a nearby town and some played a few games of contested croquet. In the evening, we had a hot dog roast at Sunset Lake Vineyards, with the hosts supplying the hot dogs, condiments, marshmallows, and cooking forks. We cooked our own meal over an open fire and enjoyed a starlit night. We made new friends of all ages with others attending from the town. There was an opportunity to sample some fine wines bottled there at the vineyard. Paula has the Sky Guide on her phone and alerted us to the fact that the international space station was circling overhead. We could see it speeding across the sky, which was amazing! Back at the campground, some played cards and learned some new games to end the evening.

Saturday a few of us went to the Rader Family Farm for some good old fashioned fall atmosphere. As no one was brave enough to try the corn maze, we did have fun roaming the farm and marveling at the beautiful gourds, pumpkins, squashes, and Indian corn. Cider, pumpkin donuts, and cookies were shared. Following the farm experience, we went to the cheese factory to get our fill of cheese curds in many different flavors. Lynne and Toby wanted some special flavors which they made just for them.

We were told about a campground down the road to visit. We called it hidden campground—never found it, but could see it on the map later. Supper was at Busy Corners Restaurant where all kinds of pies are celebrated! It was hard to choose which one to have since they all looked so yummy. They even had a pie menu. There was quite a variety of pies on our long table when we had our desserts! Even though the Cubs were playing, some of us met in the garage and played cards. We quit the game early after hearing the thunder and seeing the approaching lightning. We got back to our coaches just before the skies opened up!

Sunday morning we departed after having finger foods, juice, and coffee. We were delighted to have Paul Mapes and Kim Tedrick join us. It was a great way to end our camping season and it's only seven months until our next campout!

By Hickses and Korzuns