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Florida: Caloosa Winnies

November 30, 2017

Florida:  Caloosa Winnies

October−Caloosa Winnies kicked off the camping season Oct. 12-15 with a fun weekend at Gulf Waters RV Resort near Ft. Myers Beach, FL with 25 couples attending along with special guests. The clubhouse was decorated in orange with Halloween decorations on Wednesday early day thanks to our cohosts Charlie and Karen Autry and Jorge and Orte Gil. A few others also joined us and also pitched in. The setup crew was invited to Richard and Alice Johnson's home for happy hour, which was a welcomed gesture on their part. We met guests Fred and Rosie Deffinbaugh who joined us for the weekend. Many THANKS to Richard and Alice for their hospitality! The entire group went to Lighthouse Restaurant for dinner and had an enjoyable evening!

Thursday the hosts were busy doing parking for the members and food preparations in the clubhouse. Happy hour was a lively time with lots of conversations about the summer travels and hurricane stories. New members were introduced: Bruce and Linda Byerly and Jerry Knopp and Donna McLennan. WELCOME to the Caloosas!!

Walking tacos and a fruit bar were on the menu for dinner. After dinner, our ice cream social was held with the hosts scooping ice cream and the members making sundaes.

We welcomed David Nobert and Janice Cummings who have been Caloosa members for ten years. They are selling their coach and retiring from RVing. We could not let them retire without recognizing their many years of contributions to our group. They were presidents of the Caloosas in 2014-2015. David was our bartender at many functions including state meetings and GNR. He also designed and built our GNR parade floats with the assistance of many members, which was always a fun event at that time! David was our Christmas "elf" presiding over our charity auction each year. Jerry Miller did a slide presentation showing on the big screen TV with many photos of David and Janice over the years. It was fun to reminisce about the many happy fun years. They were presented a photo book with all the pictures as a keepsake of the Caloosas. THANK YOU to David and Janice for their friendship and many contributions. Please visit with us as you will be missed! THANKS to Jerry for the slide presentation.

Later in the evening, some of the members did some line dancing and thanks to Denise Joop for leading us! Jerry provided the music and we did two familiar dances and Denise taught us two new ones! Not only is it fun—it's GREAT exercise!!

On Friday morning, some of the Caloosas traveled to Thomas Edison/Henry Ford Estates for a tour. We had a photo taken in front of a huge Banyan Tree and noticed a statue of Thomas Edison! Edison’s laboratory was just as he left it the last time he was on the property in the 1930s. Edison discovered that the plant, Goldenrod, was the best source to extract rubber at that time. Henry Ford was his friend and needed rubber for tires! The history of the estate is fascinating and a good place to visit.

Everyone went to lunch at Pincher's Crab Shack around the corner and enjoyed a great view of the river. Service and food were both great and enjoyed by everyone!

The group gathered at the clubhouse for happy hour and hors d'oeuvres party! There was plenty of food and most of it was consumed! A money raffle was held with half the proceeds going to the chapter and three prizes given to the happy ticket holders! Winners were: Belinda Feldgoise, Joann Maceri, and Jorge Gil! Special thanks to Jorge as he donated his prize back to the chapter to be put in a fund to buy a new speaker sound system for the chapter!

Rich and Sharon Beck donated a cake for dessert! Again, we are happy we can go to Jolly Roger RV Resort no thanks to Hurricane Irma! THANKS to Rich and Sharon for the delicious cake—and it was ALL GONE!! Some of the group then gathered to play "Nickels."

Entertainment for the evening was a movie, "The Dog Who Saved Halloween." Chairs were set in the room close to the TV and it was a funny movie starring some talking dogs! A few tables of "Nickels" popped up after the movie.

Bright and early Saturday morning the hosts were in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on the potluck breakfast! THANKS to Charlie Autry for getting up early to make coffee! The members arrived with all their delicious dishes and we had a nice enjoyable breakfast. We had invited a speaker for the morning to talk about removal of 3M coating on coaches. However, he was not able to join us. Our mascot, "Gumby," was on display with his witch's hat on to remind us we have to be "flexible" as sometimes plans change! The Board of Directors scheduled a meeting while the rest of the members dispersed to enjoy the day in the area.

Happy hour was held and the dinner menu was barbecued beef, rolls, and many side dishes provided by members. Carolyn Thomas donated some ice cream so we could have sundaes again!

After dinner, it was time for some team games! Team captains were picked and they lined up their teams to begin the games. The first game, the teams were split into two sides of the pumpkins. The task was to put candy corn on the spoon and drop it into the pumpkin. Each side of the team took turns and the team with the most candy in the pumpkin got points added to their score sheet. Needless to say, lots of candy ended up on the floor!

The second game, the same teams lined up to hand toss a candy pumpkin into the big pumpkin one at a time. Again, the captains counted the candy in the pumpkin and added it to their score sheet.

The third contest was "Wrap the Mummy." A person from each team volunteered to be the mummy and be wrapped with toilet tissue!

The teams were finally finished and the points were added and the winning teams were in order from first to last: Team 1 Captain, Carolyn Thomas; Team 3 Captain, Greg Joop; Team 2 Captain, Sharon Beck; Team 5 Captain, Rich Beck; and Team 4 Captain, Orte Gil. This was a fun evening. At least the mummies are all still smiling!!! All Caloosas are such good sports which makes games so much fun!

THANKS again to everyone for participating in the games! There were lots of laughs and skills applied to the games and as always, we had FUN!! After the awards were handed out, I think some "Nickels" games broke out once again!

Sunday morning continental breakfast was ready to eat! Soon it was time for the hosts to pack up the supplies and close out another successful weekend! THANKS again to the cohosts for the weekend: Jorge and Orte Gil and Charlie and Karen Autry. Many others also helped in the kitchen and food lines so THANKS to you all! It takes a good crew to have a GREAT time!

By Nancy Miller