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New Jersey: Jersey Seashells

November 30, 2017

September−Our September campout held Sept. 22-23 at Seashore Campground in Cape May, NJ was our largest turnout for the season. We had 15 rigs: Lassen, Maxwell-Horton, Eakin, Sears, Garga, Gore, Houston, Hilton, Knight, Trace, Takata, Christaldi, Stainner, White, and Shinkunas.

It was nice seeing some old members that had not been out that much and, of course, the regular members around the campfire. It was hard to believe it was our September campout. We had June-like weather—sunny and in the mid-70s. The weather was so nice some of us extended our stay an extra day.

Friday night some of us went to the famous Cape May Lobster House for dinner for some good seafood.

Saturday was our potluck breakfast and potluck dinner and they are always yummy! We also celebrated a birthday gift exchange that was fun when they started to steal each other's gift!

On Saturday, some people went to the beach while others went to the boardwalk to see a car show. Others just enjoyed the weather next to their rig.

We met a new Winnebago owner, Bob Burnett and Sue Taccarino, and invited them to our potluck dinner and campfire. They are interested in joining our chapter. I hope to see them at one of our future campouts.

Happy travels.

By Gary Takata