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California: San Diego Rolling Homes

November 09, 2017

September−The published date for the September outing for the San Diego Rolling Homes was Sept. 22-24. However, since Al and Angie Knecht gave us the opportunity to visit KQ Ranch near Julian, CA, several of our members arrived earlier in the week to take advantage of the fall weather.

Wednesday the weather was rather cool, but Thursday morning found "clouds on the deck" and gusty winds building up during the day. The balance of our group arrived Thursday and Friday and everybody prepared for chilly nights. Al and Angie provided everything we needed during the weekend and also kept us informed of the KQ Ranch activity schedule, so there were options on eating at the restaurant (for a very small fee by the way) or at our coaches.

We were very pleased that several of our "extended travelers" arrived back home safely. Randy and Jo Ann Andrew had been traveling for many months and Ferris and Portia Isaacson attended GNR, plus visiting many places along the way. We still have one family enjoying their motorhome up in the great northwest. We really don't have any idea when the Randalls will return.

We are looking forward to all of our upcoming outings!

By John Hammond