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Arkansas: Ark-A-Bago

November 07, 2017

September−The Ark-A-Bago State Club found itself in Mountain View, AR for the Sept. 11-15 rally. Those Bagos attending were: Benson, Brandes, Ford, Gould, Grice, Harris, Kadrzlynski, Matthews, Norris, Rozeboom, Sims, and Tillman.

Monday morning the ladies had an agenda meeting and decided that, except for planned group meals, the rally would be mostly a YO-YO event. That evening, we had a "hot dogs and chili" potluck dinner. James and Edith supplied the grilled dogs and chili, while others furnished side dishes and desserts.

Tuesday we headed to Jack's Fishing Camp and its on-site restaurant, "JoJo's," for a fine lunch on the White River. The catfish was wonderful! Later on, table games were played in the social hall while most of the guys sat out front and talked.

Wednesday for lunch we headed out to the nearby Ozark Folk Center State Park and its "Skillet Restaurant." While waiting for our food to arrive, we were entertained by sighting some of the park's native residents just outside of the restaurant's large windows: one large ground hog and two beautiful deer—a mother and her baby fawn. We believe they had just as much fun as we did by looking back at us gawking over them with wide-opened eyes and mouths while pointing fingers.

After lunch, some of the ladies continued to work on the club's service project of knitting baby hats to be given to area children's hospitals.

Thursday was a complete YO-YO day.

It is always a traditional rally stop at Charlyn's Restaurant & Soda Fountain to taste their ice cream specials. Yum, yum! And as an added sweet pleasure to be enjoyed by all back at camp, later in the afternoon our rally hosts, Edith and James, surprised us by bringing out some ice cream and toppings for all to enjoy!

We finished off this great relaxing rally by playing "On the Bus" for our final gathering that evening. There is always so much fun to be had with this very simple and silly game. And that's why we really look forward to making loud noise while playing it together and to see who wins the pot of quarters—so someone has their laundry money for the week!

Friday we all headed out for home or to our next RV road adventure.

By Judy Brandes