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Washington: Sun Catchers

November 07, 2017

September−We gathered at Land Yacht Harbor in Lacey, WA for the state meeting. There were 22 coaches representing all but one of the chapters in the state.

On Thursday, happy hour with appetizers and dessert turned into a meal with all the choices. We greeted everyone and caught up with those we hadn't seen in a while. Afterwards, several of us stayed and played Mexican train with our Area Reps Butch and Becky Moore. This gathering was their last with our state group before they retire at the end of next month. We'll be sorry to see them go.

Friday morning was a seminar with three techs from Awesome RV. They were so popular last year that they wanted to return to continue answering our questions and solving any problems we may be having with our coaches. After that, we were on our own until happy hour which turned into another meal. Then our state president, Ron Woodard, had a trivia challenge for us. Most of us found out how much we didn't know about our nation's presidents. Did you know Teddy Roosevelt got a speeding ticket riding a horse? Or that Donald Trump was the oldest president when elected? Or George Washington was the only president unanimously elected by the Electoral College? Still, it was a fun evening. Thank you, Ron.

Saturday dawned with a layer of smoke from the fires still burning in the state. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage prepared by the state officers and sides provided by the members, the WIT Store was open.

Most of us attended the state meeting and elected new officers: 1st Vice President, Skip Nielsen; 2nd Vice President, Donna Coorough; and Treasurer, Gloria Braunschweig to join President Ron Woodard. The state secretary post is still open.

We had mixed teams for beanbag baseball. There were two games going with four teams. One game ran long because of a tie, so the playoff game was scratched due to the fact it would interfere with happy hour. Of course, that wasn't going to happen.

Dinner was catered and it was delicious! That evening the trivia challenge was made up by JoAnne Akely (who was away on a cruise). It was a little more our speed, but we still didn't know as much as we thought we did. Thanks, JoAnne.

Sunday was departure time before the rains came. Safe travels for all!

By Mary Adolphsen