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Arkansas: Ark-A-Bago

October 06, 2017

August−Our Ark-A-Bago rally for Aug. 7-11 was held at the "playgrounds" of Branson, MO. Those Bagos attending were: Bolte, Brandes, Ford, Gould, Griffith, Harris, Kadrzynski, Matthews, Norris, Rozeboom, Sims, and Tillman.

Sunday everyone caught up with each other and to hear about GNR from those that went.

Most of the Bagos went to old downtown Branson to Joe's Crab Shack for a wonderful, but very noisy dinner.

Monday some of the guys went to the tool store while the girls went to the Colman Store and other places to shop. For dinner, we had a potluck with rally hosts Ernie and Bonnie supplying grilled hot dogs, brats, and sausages. Everyone else kicked in with side dishes and desserts for a full-course offering.

Tuesday some of the women played miniature golf and others played table games in the social hall. With all the coming and going, it took three days to finish Mexican train. There was also some work to be done on the coaches, which gave the guys something to do.

Wednesday we had lunch at the Keeter Center, which is part of "The College of the Ozarks – Hard Work U," Branson. As always, it was very delightful. We took this opportunity to celebrate Bonnie's birthday, but her age is pegged and not to be published!

Following lunch, we noted the lobby's special display on recognizing our military veterans.

On the campus, there are many very interesting sights to see. Some of the gals visited the "Fruitcake & Jelly Kitchen" where students create these sweets as part of their work/tuition benefits.

They also visited the architectural neo-Gothic Williams Memorial Chapel, with its 80' high vaulted ceiling and impressive stained-glass windows. And the guys had to see the outstanding gun collections at the Ralph Foster Museum, as well as many other interesting displays to include some very interesting cars! One was the original truck used on the television series "The Beverly Hillbillies." It is made from a cut down 1921 Oldsmobile.

Granny's rocking chair, located in the rear above the cast photo, still had her shotgun in it! A round of "On the Bus" was played that evening.

Thursday we had our "special called" club business meeting. Thereafter, the girls went to the Bradford House for a wonderful lunch. That afternoon, we completed our three-day Mexican train game. Later on, we broke out the Jokers and Pegs board game. It had been at least eight years since we last played it at a club rally and it brought back fine memories as well as heated competition again!

This weekend was the annual "Super Summer Cruise Branson Car Show" featuring a Saturday midnight cruise. They were expecting well over 400 cars and trucks to be entered for class judging. Mike had his beautiful and very rare '57 Chevy two-door sedan to be displayed for that judging, as well as being a vendor with his car finish products. His '57 has won many first place ribbons by using it! And we know everyone has a subconscious desire to be a kid again! Admit it, we all want to go back to those good old days when we could play around and have innocent fun with our fellow small fry. Well, for some they will always be just little children aiming to use the simplest materials for having a blast, like Edith and Lina just blowing bubbles in the sun!

Friday most of the Bagos headed out for home.

By Judy Brandes