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New Jersey: Jersey Seashells

October 06, 2017

August−The chapter's campout for August was at Pinch Pond Campground in Manheim, PA from Aug. 11-13. We had twelve rigs: Takata, Maxwell-Horton, Smith, Schmidt, Sears, Knight, Schultz, Schleusener, Eakin, Pirkey, Shrout, and Shinkunas.


We welcome two new members, George and Maria Shrout and Tess Eakin. Tess Eakin is our first member traveling in a Winnebago trailer—a cute Micro Minnie. I was surprised the amount of room for such a small trailer. We wish Tess good luck and many happy travels in her Micro Minnie.


Due to some storm damage at the campground, we couldn't use their clubhouse for our potluck breakfast or dinner so we had our potluck breakfast at a local diner and our potluck dinner at an all-you-can-eat buffet. They had to roll me out of that restaurant—YUMMY. Good thing we went out for dinner while we were at the restaurant the skies opened and rain came down so hard water was coming in the restaurant at the back door near where we were sitting by time we finished dinner the rains had stopped and we had our camp fire.


Saturday some people went to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, a local arts craft fair, and others just stayed at the campsite playing Mexican dominoes.


Hard to believe we just completed our August campout—time is just going by too fast. We only have three more campouts. OH NO!!!


Safe travels and happy camping.


By Gary Takata