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Washington: Rainier Ramblers

September 08, 2017

July−Six coaches arrived Thursday at Icicle River RV Park and we carpooled to enjoy the German atmosphere and food at Gustav's in Leavenworth. A wonderful meal complete with lots of conversation of adventures on the road!

On Friday, one more coach rolled in to round us out! We spent the day doing various things on our own—some of us preparing for the evening dinner, some explored Leavenworth, had lunch out, shopped, or several just relaxed by Icicle River. We had time to enjoy each other and the ambiance of Leavenworth and its surrounding area.

That afternoon we gathered by the Dickey's coach to visit and enjoy their "water" fan. Yes, it was a warm day!! We eventually barbequed and enjoyed the side dishes and desserts shared by everyone between the Gleim and Jordan coaches. This provided us shade and a great place by the river to share a meal and visit.

Saturday was another day where we did whatever we chose—whether it was exploring, cooking, or resting. It was another rather warm day!

In the afternoon, we gathered for our 'happy' meeting. Afterward, we had time to catch up with the goings-on for the day. For supper, the wagonmasters barbequed brats which had marinated in beer and sauerkraut juice all day. There were choices to add to the buns including sauerkraut and fried onions. They also served German potato salad! Everyone else prepared a bevy of wonderful side dishes and desserts! We sat out after dinner enjoying one another's company with the river again providing the ambience!

Sunday was another warm summer day! The wagonmasters provided breakfast along with our traditional fruit bowl. Shirley won the drawing that morning.

Some of us headed home, but several spent extra time to enjoy more of the town and its surroundings!! Was a great, very warm and fun summer outing!!

By Carol Robel