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Indiana: Who's Yur Winnies

September 08, 2017

June−We met at the Old Mill Run Campground in Thorntown, IN. A few units came in on Wednesday and some went to town for food at Parky's Smokehouse while the rest had a pitch-in barbecue at the campground. We all met at the fire for the evening chitchat at Ellis's unit.

Everyone else coming came in Thursday. That evening we had a great pitch-in dinner. Somehow we always have enough meat and salad and dessert without knowing who is bringing what. The clubhouse was fantastic for our use the whole time. We had the meetings after dinner. The Who's Yur Winnies are in need of some new blood for officers or maybe some rollover from before. It really is a great chapter at helping, so the officers don't do much. Scott has been a great president and he is willing to help the vice learn. Keep it in your thoughts. After the meetings, people could play games, watch the fire, or drive home.

Friday was a caravan to Donaldson's Finer Chocolate Factory. Everyone got to wear hair and beard nets, but it was worth it. We got to have samples before and after the tour. Some went on to lunch at Flap-Jacks Pancake House. Then because it was raining, most went back to their units to nap and rest.

Dinner was at Stookey's Restaurant in Thorntown. Several sampled their infamous onion rings. Later everyone met at the clubhouse for card bingo. The Lairds showed us how to play with decks of cards at small tables and it is a lot of fun. Lori Tindall brought several Pampered Chef items and some brought prizes also, so there was a variety. Caretaker Ron Kline even had the last games only for losers, so everyone got a prize—how thoughtful!

Saturday morning Lori put on a real Pampered Chef show and let people help prepare brunch with tools they had never tried. If you missed the chocolate factory, you could get your fix with her chocolate fondue. The rest of the day was split up with exploring the little towns and shopping. Also, there were some state parks nearby. Most met in Danville at the Mayberry Café for excellent food and company. Another night of campfires or games—your choice.

Sunday morning they met at Scott's coach for breakfast. It was a beautiful sunny morning. We had 16 units: Barta, Ellis, Feichter, Gineris, Gish, Hilligoss, Kline, Laird, Michalak, Newcomb, Rayl, Stoeckley, Thomas, Tindall, Wiseman, and Yeley.

By Kathy Rieck