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Ohio: Maumee Valley Winnies

August 01, 2017

Ohio:  Maumee Valley Winnies

June−Eleven rigs arrived at Shafer's RV dealership for their annual "Show and Tell." It was another successful open house—not only business for Shafer's, but the Maumee Valley Winnies as well. We gained a new member and also handed out application forms for membership to our chapter and information regarding WIT benefits and membership to several people.

As usual, the Shafers provide hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, and the soft serve ice cream as the biggest hit! The weather was beautiful and MANY customers came to look at the big inventory of new and used Winnebago units. The members present kept busy serving the food and chatting with the customers. We had our own table set up with WIT and MVW information. Many questions and conversations about the RV lifestyle were the topics discussed. But as always, we also found time for FUN.

Those of us that arrived Thursday to help with set up went out to eat at Winchesters. Friday night we enjoyed dinner there in the Shafer's building and also had our meeting. The meeting was longer than usual because we had lots of business to cover. Some of our members drove in Friday specifically for the meeting.

Saturday evening steaks were grilled for us all and we provided side dishes. The Shafers are so good to us. They also gave us a $$ contribution towards the state rally. A big THANK YOU Terry Shafer!!!!!

Sunday more customers and more opportunities to talk RVing and tell everyone how great the dealership is. Two more members drove in on their motorcycle. Who says an RV is the only mode of FUN!!

All in all, the weekend was a great success and FUN!!!

By Sharon Viers