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Massachusetts: Quinebagos

July 17, 2017

June−Winter Island, Salem, MA, June 8-11. Twelve coaches left Winter Island on Sunday as one of the best coordinated group of campers WIT has to offer! There was a need to shell out food for refrigeration and freezer room, no problem! Who forgot the sausages? Not a problem as the rescue team of "T" and Pat jumped into the car and had the prized bounty in great time! Anybody want a fireside pit? The call was made and behold, a pit was transported and firewood appeared. Any potato peelers in the crowd? Yes, there were!

Thursday early evening a group traveled to the Causeway Restaurant in Gloucester for a phenomenal dinner. Sandy Milosh was overwhelmed as her bowl of fish chowder arrived with about a pound of fish heaping over the rim of the bowl! She was prewarned about the enormous servings—did she have to take some home?

Friday the daily travel was shared in the evening from the trolley pickup at the campsite to the conclusion of everyone's day adventure. Several people forged their meals from the "The Willows." The day rounded off with desserts gathered at the host campsite.

Saturday, Wow! We outdid ourselves! The group watched from the highest point of the park (history has it, four men were hanged at this site) as captain Jerry and wench Bonnie had the burst of a cannon greet their mates ashore. Marblehead was visited by the Whitehouses and miles of walking the property was done by several humans and beast (Chipper, Shillie, and Rusty). We all viewed the wedding on the hill across from our campsites, enjoying the activities around the fireside as the night grew long.

Another closure to a wonderful weekend. Thank you all for your help, your laughs, and your fellowship.

By Sandy Bates