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Washington: Evergreen Winnies

June 05, 2013

June: Sixteen Winnebago rigs from the Evergreen Winnies and Apple Rovers chapters traveled over hill and dale to the small town of Lind, WA. We got settled in next to the arena and, ignoring the strong winds, prepared for the weekend festivities. Following our chapter meetings, we filled up on a filling meal. Many of us had gone over to the arena earlier and reserved our spots so we had our pick of great seats. Friday night was filled with car and truck races. The race drivers loved spraying the crowd with dirt going around the corners. After the water truck wet the track down, they sprayed us with clods of dirt! There was plenty of excitement with rollovers and two cars that got stuck on top of the outer barriers.


Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny. Some of us enjoyed the breakfast at the arena. Most of us either walked or drove into town for the parade, which was full of combines and representatives from other towns advertising their upcoming events. Then we gathered in the park for lunch. The town served us a great meal and you could buy pie for dessert if you wanted. After a brief rest, we made our way to the arena stands for the main event. One by one the behemoths lumbered into the arena and prepared for battle. Slowly, the combines would move toward each other and then there was a huge crash. They continued ramming into each other until only one was left running. In between combine heats, they raced pickup trucks or grain trucks.


Evergreen Winnie attendees were Sandy and Mike Rosco; Shirley and Sharon Richard; Sherry Atterbury and her daughter, Suzy; Sue and Bruce O'Brien; Judy and Rex Thompson; Helen and Joe Hesketh; Ethel and Gene Klopfer; and cohosts Margaret and George Terpening.


Apple Rovers attending were cohosts Melissa and Roger Simmons, Marcia and Garland Hogue, Shirley and Don McInnis, Jill and Sandy Rogers, Maggie and Chuck Nelson, and Gloria and Jerome Tolbert. Everyone had a great time.

By Judy Thompson