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Tennesee: West Tennessee Travelers

May 31, 2013

May: Our chapter camped in a Coe campground on the canal that connects the two lakes on the northern end near Grand Rivers, KY. Those who arrived early traveled to Patti's 1880 settlement for dinner. Patti's is famous for their two-inch pork chop and 17 original desserts. There were a variety of foods ordered and more than one person was seen with a carryout box and others had small boxes for their carryout desserts. Back at the campground, the mosquitoes were out in force. With the aid of citronella torches and candles, we were able to sit outside and visit for awhile.


On Monday morning, we had an organization meeting to decide what activities we wanted to participate in during our campout. Mike Logan had brought his van to the event and he, Diana, and Butch and Becky Moore took a ride down the trace to view the buffalo and elk. They also went to the planetarium while they were out.  While we were all gathered, Carissa Dixon was presented with her own two West Tennessee Travelers shirts which had been secured by the two Bolding families. We had a great meal and all the sides. After the meal, president Larry Bolding conducted his last meeting. Butch Moore, Eastern Area Rep for WIT, had consented to swear in the new officers. New president is Mike Logan, vice president is John Shannon, treasurer is Dan Doyle, and secretary is Ken Dixon.


Tuesday we woke up to rain, but several of the ladies braved the rain to go shopping. By mid-afternoon, the rain had stopped and we were able to grill out for the evening meal.


On Wednesday afternoon, we traveled to Drafenvill, KY to eat at the catfish kitchen. The restaurant is adjacent to some small manmade lakes. It was a nice setting and we were able to watch some of the Canadian geese swimming as we ate our meal. Back at the campground, we all went to the Moores' motorhome to have a look around their beautiful coach and eat our dessert of homemade pies that the Logans had provided.


People were leaving early the next morning so goodbyes were said that night. It was a good campout.

By Jane Bolding