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Do you know who the Most Valuable People are at GNR? Our volunteers of course, and we invite you to be one of our MVPs! We must fill hundreds of volunteer assignments in order to host the Grand National Rally each year. If those who can will work just one shift, we will have more than enough volunteers to fill our positions. Please complete and submit the form below. We thank you in advance for your participation in helping to make this year’s rally a success!

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TRAFFIC CONTROL – Direct and control the flow of traffic around the perimeter of the rally grounds, keeping the boulevards free of motor vehicles and safe for our attendees. Air-conditioned booths are provided at each of the four traffic control sites. Volunteers will receive specific instructions to help them with maintaining safe and proper traffic flow. This assignment does require you to be in and out of the booth in order to properly monitor the traffic in that area. Assignments are for 2-hour shifts (approximately 132 shifts to fill during pre-rally and rally weeks).
PEOPLE MOVER CONDUCTORS - Requires the volunteer to sit for a 2-hour shift at the back of one of three People Movers to assist attendees by pulling a string which sets off a buzzer to alert the driver that someone wants to get on/off the People Mover. Assignments are generally for 2-hour shifts (approximately 249 shifts to fill during pre-rally and rally weeks).
GAMES - Volunteers will help to monitor the various games held during pre-rally and rally week. All games are held outside and generally run for 2 to 3 hours (approximately 25 volunteers needed).
WINNEBAGO OUTDOOR STORE - Volunteers will assist in keeping the shelves and racks in the Winnebago Outdoor Store neat and organized. Let store manager know if sizes are sold out for restocking. Help customers to find sizes and styles they need. This assignment will be in the Visitors Center during rally and pre-rally and will be for 3.5 hour shifts (approximately 48 volunteers needed).