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Guidelines for Conducting a State Rally

This is intended to help you organize a State or Special Interest Club Rally. This is a guideline and hopefully it will help you have a successful rally. It is encouraged for all states to have a rally no matter the size of your state. It is to have fun and to enjoy your surrounding area.

+Start organizing your rally early. It is recommended to have a chairperson for each aspect of the rally, parking, entertainment, crafts, donations, decorations, games and dealer participation.

+Try to plan your rally to flow in with other State Rallies around you. Do not have your rally at the same time and date as the state next to you as you will be competing with each other. Many people will travel from one state to another to attend rallies so you want to be on their route. If you have questions about a date, please contact your WIT Club area rep or the WIT office.

+Your WIT Club rep will only be able to attend one rally per weekend in his area. If you have a rally at the same time as another in his area, he will make a decision which to attend. It will probably be the one that is closest to his last rally. If you want a representative there from WIT, please keep this in mind.

+Find a location that will give you plenty of campsites with at least 30 amp electrical and a dump station. Water and sewer connections are optional. You may use campgrounds or fair grounds.

+In choosing a location or site you must have an area to accommodate all that are coming into a building for meetings as well as for foul weather. The facility should also have a kitchen. You then have the option to cook for the rally if you wish or you can still have a caterer do it for you.

+Choose an area that has attractions near by. People love to go to areas that have points of interest or entertainment. These places can be for pre-rally or part of the rally entertainment. Most all states will have some historic areas, entertainment or businesses that offer tours. There are attractions in all of our states. Use this to help build your rally especially to out of staters.

+Your rally should definitely have a theme. People like to dress up and they feel more of a part if they all dress to the theme. Use this as part of the Saturday’s entertainment. Maybe they have some talent that could be used for the entertainment also. You can also have them compete for prizes.

+Try to cover your costs to put this event on. You don’t have to get rich but it is great if you can make ends meet. Rally admission costs vary from $100 to $175.

+Invite all of your dealers from your state to attend. Give them all the opportunity to attend if they desire. You might want to contact them well in advance, maybe 8 to 10 weeks. Do not call them as the call may be directed to someone that can’t make that decision. Send a letter to the General manager of the dealership. You might also luck out and get some sponsorship from them.

People enjoy looking at the new Winnebago products. It is a real benefit to have them attend your rally. This is a very big part of the rally. It is our suggestion that the only charge would be the cost the Park or Fair Grounds charges you for parking.

+The only brands of rv’s that are allowed to participate in the rally are those that were manufactured by Winnebago Industries. If you have a vendor that owns a brand X, they may be allowed to come to your rally. It is very difficult to find vendors to attend rallies so we do bend the rules for them. The vendors brand X unit is not to be directly in front of all the activities. They shall be parked at a location away from the main rally.

+Charge your vendors a small fee to attend and sell at your rally. This will help you off set some of the building costs.

+Plan some games for the rally such as: washer toss, beanbag baseball or horseshoes. Cake walks, 50/50 pots, bingo and money hats are also fun. You can sell tickets for state baskets which are all things made in your state or surrounding area. These are all fun to do and you can hopefully make some money for your rally fund.

+If possible have some seminars. These can be handled by some local motorhome enthusiasts or possibly the Service Manger from a dealership. You can also do cooking seminars or exterior caring and cleaning for your motorhome.

+Doing a craft is always fun for rally goers. The cost is minimal and it can consume quite a bit of time and is very enjoyable.

+Keep the rally interesting. You want to keep the attendees busy. They will enjoy the activities that you have planned. Offer a wide variety of things to do to keep them busy.

+You can do goodie bags. These are always nice to give when your rally attendees arrive. In the bag can be articles that you have received from businesses, dealerships, vendors or sometimes members make items to put in the bags. You will also want to put the schedule of events into this bag.

+Entertainment. Have some entertainment in the evenings after dinner if possible. You don’t have to pay big money to have entertainers. Find some of the local entertainers or talent who will do the entertaining for a minimal fee. Some of the best and most fun is when you do your own. Do a skit, play a version of a TV game show. It can be a lot of fun at very little cost. Discontinue the evening’s activities at 9:00 pm.

+Advertising the rally. Utilize the WIT Club News and website. This is a great way to tell others that you are having a rally. Make sure that you have your rally advertised well in advance. After the details are worked out, write a nice advertisement about your rally and send it again to WIT Club News as soon as possible. It is great to have all of this information in at least 6 months in advance. This will be put in Who’s Inviting Travelers in the magazine as well as on the web site.

+Encourage others to attend your rally. You want to have a pre-registration form available so you know how many to plan for. Other state and clubs like to travel to your area especially if you have a lot of points of interest and fun things to do.

+At the rally, please ask for those that are attending for the first time or those that are from out of state to be recognized. Make them feel welcome. Please ask these out of state and first timers to be part of your group. Don’t just sit with your chapter; invite them to join you for the meals, games and other social events.

If the guests are treated well and enjoy all of your events, they will bring more people to your next rally. After all that is what it is all about isn’t it? Having fun and making new friends.

+Do not park your guests in the back of the rally grounds. Give them a good place to park and to be in with your chapter or state group. Make them feel that they are very welcome.

+Insurance Certificate. Please call the WIT Office, Membership Coordinator, and request a policy for Liability. This will be supplied to your Club at no cost.

+Program Information: We would suggest the following to be included:
Rally Agenda
Rules for Campgrounds
Emergency Numbers
Medical Facilities
Rally Chairperson
Pet reminder

Also mention the following:
Rest Rooms
Dump Station
Dealer Display
Merchants Display

+It would be suggested that your main meal begins at 5:00 or 5:30 in the afternoon. This would allow your program to begin about 6:30.

+ Saturday evening is generally the main event. It is suggested that prizes be given out during this event.

Suggest order:
Announce the attendance.
Recognize the States attending.
Club Announcements
Dinner Program:
Introduce guests
Introduce out-of-state Presidents and allow them to plug their rallies.
Introduce your officers.
Swear in new officers

+Head Table
We suggest you have the Officers and the Chairperson who has worked extremely hard should sit at this table and should be recognized. It is your call if this table should eat first or not.

+Don’t forget to recognize everyone that makes the rally successful. The volunteers should be thanked before the end of the rally.

+Have your Club or Chapter meetings on Friday or Saturday. Try not to have them on Sunday as many people will go home early on Sunday and not attend the meetings.