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WIT State Club & Local Chapter Officer Responsibilities

Guidelines for Club and Chapter President (PDF)

Guidelines for Club and Chapter Vice President (PDF)

Guidelines for the Club and Chapter Secretary (PDF)

Guidelines for the Club and Chapter Treasurer (PDF)



Some campgrounds and fairgrounds require certificates of insurance. Clubs and chapters are automatically covered by Winnebago Industries’ $1,000,000 general liability policy when their activities are scheduled 60 days prior to the event in the Who’s Inviting Travelers of the WIT Club News.

What does the policy cover? If by the action of the club or chapter, the facility is damaged: an example is while using a stove or grill, a fire starts and part of the building is damaged, Winnebago’s policy will pay for damages. If an individual member backs his unit into the building or over a water hydrant, the member must use his own personal insurance to cover the damages.

The facility is covered for the specific dates of the event. If members come early and/or stay late, include those dates in your request. No additional insured will be added, unless requested in the contract. Winnebago Industries will name only the campground or fairground as insured. If you have concern, please call the WIT office.

When you make facility arrangements, ask for their insurance requirements. Let’s tackle possible problems sooner rather than later. If the campground or fairground does not ask for a certificate of insurance, there is no need to request one.


The Show & Tell program proves to be very beneficial to the club or chapter and the dealer. Working together, both are successful.

Information concerning the Show and Tell should be sent to the WIT office. Include the name of the participating club/chapter, a contact name & number/email, Dealership name & phone number. Dates and location of the Show and Tell. - Upon receipt of this information you will receive a banner for display at the Show and Tell and extra copies of the recent WIT Club News and WIT membership pamphlets to share with prospective members you meet there.

After the Show & Tell, submit an article for the Club News magazine. Members who “work” the Show & Tell, normally bring their motor homes to the dealership for display and stay at the dealership during the designated times to greet and visit with the potential new owners and future WIT members. During a Show and Tell members are not there to sell motorhomes but to be ambassadors for the RVing lifestyle and to introduce visitors/customers to the benefits of belonging to the WIT Club and to introduce them to the local chapters and the state club and their activities.

The club or chapter may approach the local dealer and ask if he would be interested in doing a Show & Tell. The WIT Area Representatives work with Winnebago Industries’ dealer network. The WIT Area Representative may ask the dealer to contact the club or chapter in their area. Remember, the key to success is “TEAM WORK." For additional information, contact the WIT office.


It is the responsibility of the outgoing officers to make a smooth transition to the new officers. Each officer should have organized files and records containing all materials relative to his/her office. The WIT office receives many calls from new officers telling us they did not receive any materials from the previous officer and do not know what to do.

The officers of the club or chapter may determine the success or failure of the club or chapter. During the next year, make a strong effort to gather all your club or chapter materials together and organize them. This will help your new officers considerably.

The WIT Staff is available to assist your club or chapter. Do not hesitate to call or write.

WIT Club & Chapter Secretarial Information


This program started January 1, 1988 and is not retroactive. Its purpose is to recognize clubs and chapters celebrating their 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and so on year birthdays.

State clubs/Local chapters receive one - year patch, which may be attached to the WIT or special club flag. The WIT Club office will distribute the flag patch to your club or chapter, a month before the birthday date. The patch is sent to the president.

State Rallies

Pre-registration information for state and regional rallies will appear in chronological order in the state rally section of the Club News. Information should be limited to no more than 300 words. Keep directions limited in the article but include address or GPS location to make it easy for travelers to find. You may want to consider sending out specific directions with confirmation materials or make it available from a contact.

Please be aware of the deadlines for all articles so your rally article will appear in ample time for participants to register.


Deaths of members should be submitted separately to be listed in the Memorial section of the magazine and will be published bi-monthly.

Include WIT number, surviving spouse, if applicable, and clubs and chapters in which he or she was a member.


Anniversaries of Club members of 50 years or more will be printed in the bi-monthly WIT Club News publication.

Any anniversaries for the two month period that are submitted by the 1st of the month will be printed for that publication.


The Club News welcomes pictures of members involved in various activities to promote the RV lifestyle. We recommend sending photos as .jpg attachments NOT in a PDF or a Word document.

When sending in photos, identify members or activity in photo for the caption.

We will only be able to publish ONE photo per story, but if you send more they might be used on our WIT Facebook page.

Photos for print publications should be emailed as high-resolution (prefer 300 dpi) attachments. High quality, color digital prints by mail or quality digital pictures sent by e-mail or on CD may be accepted. Photos that are too dark, blurry or otherwise of poor quality or content will not be used. Acceptable photos will be used based on space availability.

You may e-mail reports to or mail to WIT Club News, P.O. Box 268, Forest City, IA 50436.

Installation of Club & Chapter Officers


As President of the ___________________________ you hold an important position leading your membership.
Consider your election an honor because the members expressed their confidence in you.


Please raise your right hand and repeat after me:
I, (state your name) pledge that I will serve the ________________________ fulfilling the duties of my office and support the aims, purposes and bylaws of the WIT Club to the best of my ability.


Your election should also be considered an honor because the members expressed their confidence by choosing you for your respective office.


Please raise your right hand and repeat after me:
I, (state your name) pledge that I will serve the __________________________ fulfilling the duties of my office and support the aims, purposes and bylaws of the WIT Club to the best of my ability.


I affirm all of you are duly installed officers of the ______________________ of the WIT Club for the coming year.


You have elected these officers and by doing so have indicated you will support them. The success of the ______________________________ depends on your working together.