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Local Chapter of Excellence Criteria
Explanation of criteria.

1. All bylaws - both national and local.

2. One of the responsibilities of a local chapter is to support the state or provincial club. However, since some states/provinces do not have state clubs this does not apply to all. Please note on your application.

3. Honorary members do not count either in gain or loss totals. If you gain a member unit belonging to another chapter, they do not count as an addition. The goal is to gain new members who are not listed on any other chapter’s membership roster. No limit to total.

4. Do not deduct points for memberships lost due to death. Deduct for coach memberships lost due to any other reason.

5. Save a copy of this roster for use in compiling next year’s Chapter of Excellence application.

6. Communication is a vital key to chapter success. Please note that newsletter should be sent to your WIT Club Area Representatives. Please add them to your email list.

7. Winnebago carries insurance that covers some of the chapter liabilities for WIT Club chapter events. However, all outings must be listed in Who's Inviting Travelers in the WIT Club News magazine to be covered.

9. Please note list of officers should be sent to your WIT Club Area Representatives.

10. One of the biggest challenges chapters are facing is finding qualified and motivated officers. Grooming officers for future service needs to be given a priority. Finding officers must not be a last minute activity.

11. No extra points if chapter members hold more than one office.

12. A solicitation visit for a gift or donation does not qualify. Officers should go in to visit with dealers whether they have worked with the club in the past or not. Occasionally changes in managerial staff occur and a visit from club officers may be just what is needed to open the door to working with new personnel.

13. – 14. A meeting held as part of an outing cannot count both as a meeting for 1 point, plus an outing for 2 points. These are to be separate events to qualify. Note: If chapter held more than 6 two-night outings, each extra outing can replace a social outing or one night outing at 1 point each.

16 – 17. “Own” designates the state or region of which the chapter is a part.

18. “Other” designates chapters or clubs other than those of which the chapter is a geographical part of and cannot be clubs or chapters in which the attending member is a (dual) member. Example 1: Chapter member is also a member of MILWIT or 365 Club, etc. Attending those meetings does not count. Example 2: Chapter member also belongs to a different chapter or different state club. Their attendance at those meetings would not count.

19. Must be a WIT Club Show and Tell. ++ See note below on form if a Show and Tell is not possible.

20. At least one member from the chapter attended GNR.

Note: This is a self-scoring award. The Chapter of Excellence is designed to give recognition to those chapters who have achieved excellence. The highlighted items indicate areas of importance that show your chapters efforts to promote and strengthen the WIT Club on both a national and local level. Highlighted items are critical for consideration in receiving the award. If you do not meet these criteria please provide an explanation for consideration in determining eligibility. If you as officers feel you can make the statement honestly, give yourself the points. If the officers of the chapter feel that the chapter is mediocre or in a state of decline, it would be unreasonable to expect to receive a Chapter of Excellence award.

Description of significant activities: This section is not compulsory. However, occasionally a chapter has an activity that is out of the ordinary and doesn’t fall into a category. If your chapter took part in a significant activity which involved substantial participation of the membership over and above what would be considered a normal chapter activity, feel free to list it. This does not include individuals who provide services, but rather activities and services provided as a chapter. If you need more space, please attach an additional page. Make your case and the WIT Club Area Representatives and Consumer Engagement Manager may allow an appropriate number of points.