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WIT Ladder Toss Rules and Notes

The object of this game is to make 21 points exactly.

The scoring system is as follows; top rung is worth 3 points, the middle rung is worth 2 points and the bottom rung is worth 1 point.

The ladders will be placed 20 feet apart and participants will throw their three bolas at opposing ladders from the toss line, which corresponds to the ladder placement.

The participants will be paired off in 2 person teams.

The teams will flip to determine who goes first.

After both players have thrown their bolas and the score determined the team with the higher score on that round throws first on the next round. Players may and in fact are encouraged to knock-off bolas during the course of play. Only those bolas still hanging after both players throw are counted as points.

If a players makes exactly 21 points and has not thrown all his bolas, he/she will stand back and allow their opponent to attempt to cancel the winning throw by knock the bola off, if they succeed in doing so he/she will stand back and the game continues with the first player. If the second player fails to knock-off the first player’s bola with their three bolas the first team wins.

If any player goes over 21 points they will drop back to 15 points, but may remove that bola and continue to toss any remaining bolas they may have to complete the round.

If both teams get exactly 21 points, the game will continue into overtime until one team has a two-point advantage at the end of the round. Note: This is the only time the score can exceed 21 without penalty, and the only time the player must win by two points.

Bolas may be tossed in any manner the player chooses, as long as they are tossed individually. If the bola bounces off the ground prior to landing on the ladder it is considered a dead bola and will not count in the scoring.

The players must report to the bracket table after the game to give the score and report the winner to the bracket keeper.

In the course of play, no player is to walk to the ladder prior to completion of the current round. Players are encouraged to make noise, remarks, etc to distract their opponents during the game; BUT touching the player during tossing is never allowed.


NOTE: Please bring your lawn chairs with you, as seating is limited.

Remember – These games are designed for FUN AND FELLOWSHIP.