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Ladder Toss Rules

Position the goal posts 20 feet apart, with open ends of the bases to the inside. Offset the goal posts by about 3 feet to make throwing easier. 

Two players: Each player choose a snake color. First player stand beside goal post and tosses the “snakes”, one at a time, to the opposite goal post, attempting to ring the cross bars. After the first player has tossed all three snakes, the second player takes his turn from the same position. Second player also attempts to ring the cross bars, and in addition tries to knock off any snakes the first player has in place.

Score is counted at the end of each round.

Top rung scores 3 points.
Center rung scores 2 points.
Bottom rung scores 1 point.

After the first round, players throw from the opposite side, back to the first goal post, trading ends with each play. 

Winning: The first player to accumulate 21 points wins the game. If a player goes OVER 21, the extra points do not count, and the score stays the same as it was before that throw. (Example: player has 19 points, he throws and rings the top cross bar which is worth 3 points. His score stays at 19 since the extra 3 points would put him over 21.)

If both players score 21 at the end of a round, they break the tie with “Sudden Death.” Player One takes all three snakes in one hand and throws them all at once. Player Two does the same. The winner is determined by which one rings the most points from the “Sudden Death” throw.