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A Winnebago Journey

Over 10 years ago we bought our first RV, a Winnebago Adventurer and we were ready for our dream adventure, meeting new friends and seeing new places. We were so excited about our retirement travels. Two years later, we bought our second RV, a Winnebago Journey. Well now, this was a new journey for us. A diesel and as nice as our home; fitting because this was our new home for several months of the year. Funny how both RV's seemed to fit us “to a tee” with their names. Well, we were excited for any adventure or journey that was ahead of us. We excitedly embraced this new RV life; meeting new people and seeing our beautiful USA. As happy as we were we were not done with discovering what the RV'ing life was all about. We decided to be a bigger part of the Winnebago family and made the step to join the WIT Club. Lucky us, we found the 5-Star Winnebago Club of Southern California. We met and made so many new friends and 10 years later these friends are like family. Yes, kids and grandkids are still a part of our lives, but they also have their lives, interests and commitments.

We have learned so much by being a part of our RV club; discussing the ins and outs of what makes an RV run. We are only a cell phone call away from finding a member that will always seem to have an answer to anything no matter how big or small. My husband gets calls from friends on RV questions…he loves it!

The RV'ing life. Your journey, your adventure and lots of fun traveling in an RV. That is what so many people experience. The 5-Star WIT Club goes on 3 to 4 day outings once a month throughout the year, except July and August when many RV members are out and about visiting friends and family throughout the U.S. We are a close club that still gets together during those two months for a brunch or dinner. Our recent October outing was fairly close for most members in the area as we were at Canyon RV park in Yorba Linda, it was so much fun! We have wagon-masters for each outing and they plan the food and activities. On this outing we had breakfast in a bag, which consists of putting all your ingredients (eggs, cheese, or whatever you like in an omelet) in a freezer bag and placing it in a pot of boiling water. The eggs cook perfect and everyone enjoyed it. We also had a baked potato bar and cooked the potatoes on a BBQ that a member had made and brought for the occasion. Yes, that is one of the great perks of this club, the great food and potlucks and everyone bringing their special talent weather it is the great food, craft ideas, games or seeing interesting sites in the areas where we are camped.

5- Star is the oldest WIT Club Local Chapter in California. Our next outing will be a joint outing with the Mission Bells Chapter of San Diego at Pechanga RV Park by Temecula. We wind up the year with a Christmas outing at Newport Dunes on the bay in Newport Beach. Our 2014 schedule is already in place and we are all looking forward to whatever adventure or journey is ahead.

Marie McPeak