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Pursuing a "Full Ride"
Pursuing a "Full Ride"

My wife Joan and I last year backed into the RV environment because of her not being able to fly, but also having promised our Super Star Granddaughter that we would attend as many BIG TEN Softball games as possible now that she enjoys a "full ride" scholarship at PENN STATE UNIVERSITY. So last year we bought a 2013 Winnebago View Profile 24G to follow her as she played Fall Ball during September and October 2012 and the regular season schedule during the first half of this year. 

After 5 weeks on the road chasing her schedule down in Florida this spring, Joan announced to anyone within earshot that although "Rich is in love with our View Profile" it was "TOO SMALL" and much to difficult for her to cope with so I should "go out and find a bigger RV----so long as it had a KING SIZE bed, bigger fridge and a separate washer and dryer". And oh by the way it had to be a WINNEBAGO. I loved the 24G. It was just the right size for me and a real pleasure to drive (not to mention 18 miles per gallon). Additionally I had sworn that I would "never ever" drive one of those monsters that from time to time in my younger life I would "get stuck behind" on some small two lane road.

Of course you can guess what happened at the end of June this year. Yes like any good husband, I drilled down into every into Winnebago Dealer web site almost hoping I would not find what she wanted and meeting my sworn commitment "not to muscle around a big BUS".Much to my surprise and disbelief, low and behold there it was at Tom Schaefers RV Center in Pennsylvania; the wonderful, compact yet roomy Winnebago Journey 34B. With its full size washer and dryer, stainless steel French door refrigerator/freezer and King size "dial by number" bed the Journey 34B must have been designed for my wife and I have to admit, designed with me in mind for at just under 35 feet it is a pleasure to drive though I miss the Profile's 18 MPG. So within a 10 month span in June this year we sold our Profile and bought our Journey 34B then chased the Penn State Softball games during the 2013 FALL BALL season.

We'll put the Journey into hibernation until the end of February 2014, for that is when our granddaughter, begins her 2nd year of BIG TEN Softball. Since the Big Ten playoffs are being held at Northwestern University south of Chicago at the end of May, it is our hope to get over to Forest City in June for the WIT CLUB rally.

Just thought you might enjoy hearing about a twice retired couple who although having traveled the country for several years, with two young daughters in a crew cab Dodge RAM 3/4 Ton PU with a slip on Camper and having been out of the RV environment for 40 years, are back at it again for reasons we could never have imagined or expected. 

Joan & Rich Milburn