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WIT Cow Chip Toss Rules and Notes

The goal of this game is to toss the chip the furthest.

Each contestant will throw one chip. (If contestant numbers are low we may allow two throws)

The contestant must stay behind the foul line when throwing.

All throws will be from the standstill position, no spinning or running to the line.

The throw may be over hand or under hand.

The throw will be marked where the chip first makes contact with the ground. (Not where it rolls to.)

This contest will have both a men’s and women’s winner.

All throws must be with-in the defined field to be a good toss; any toss going out of bounds will be considered a foul.

Each person wanting to participate in the contest must report to the scorekeeper to give him your name.


Note: Please bring your lawn chairs with you, as seating is limited.

Remember – These games are designed for FUN AND FELLOWSHIP.