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WIT Corn Hole Rules and Notes

The goal of this game is to make or exceed 21 points at the completion of an inning.

This game will be played as a two-person “doubles” team.

This game will observe a 21 ft foul line; meaning from the front of the board to the front of the other board will be 21 feet. The pitcher box will be on either side of the board platform and will measure 4ft x 3ft.

In doubles one team member pitches from one corn hole pitcher’s box and the other member pitches from the other platform’s pitcher box.

The game is divided into innings. During each inning each contestant must pitch all four corn bags.

The scoring will be three points for a corn bag in the corn hole and one point for a corn bag on the board platform. Any corn bag hitting the ground before landing on the board or in the hole will be considered a foul and must be removed from the board platform before continuing. There is no point value for foul corn bags.

Any bags knocked into the hole by the opposing team will be counted for the team that pitched the bag.

The teams shall flip a coin to determine who starts the game. Each proceeding inning the team with the high score shall pitch first, if the score is tied the team that scored last will pitch first.

Contestants will alternately pitch the corn bags until all bags are pitched. All bags will be pitched underhand.

The pitcher must remain behind the foul line when pitching the corn bag. The opponents when not pitching shall stand behind the board platform.

If at the end of any inning both teams are tied at 21 or more points, play continues until one team achieves a higher score at the end of the inning. 

Each team must report to the bracket table after the game to give the score and report the winner to the bracket keeper.


Note: Please bring your lawn chairs with you, as seating is limited.

Remember – These games are designed for FUN AND FELLOWSHIP.