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WIT Washer Toss Rules and Notes

The goal of this game is to make exactly 21 points.

The scoring system is the nearest hole one point, the middle hole three points and the farthest hole five points.

The players must stand behind the back of the board to toss their three washers at the opposite board.

The player using the white washers starts the game; each player throws all three washers each turn. If the score remains tied the white washers continue to throw first. Once a player has the lead that person throws first each turn. 

If the first player put his washer through the hole and the second player also puts his washer through the same hole the washers cancel out each other and no score is recorded for those washers.

The winner must have exactly 21 points. Any player going over 21 points will drop back to 15 points, but may continue to throw any washers he/she may still be holding.

If a player makes exactly 21 points and has not thrown all their washers, he/she will stand back and allow their opponent to attempt to cancel the winning throw by putting his/her washer in the same hole. If the opponent cancels the winning throw he/she stands back to allow the first player to continue play.

If the opponent does not cancel the winning point with his/her three washers, the winner must throw any remaining washers and must hit the carpet with the remaining washers. If the player fails to hit the carpet with any remaining washers, he/she loses. If the player makes any of the remaining washers into a hole pushing him/her over 21 points they revert back to 15 points and the game continues.

Any washer hitting the ground first is a dead washer.

The washer must be completely through the hole.

The players must report to the bracket table after the game to give the score and report the winner to the bracket keeper.  


NOTE: Please bring your lawn chairs with you, as seating is limited. 

Remember – These games are designed for FUN AND FELLOWSHIP.