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WIT Beanbag Baseball Rules and Notes

Games will begin at 9:30 AM Monday morning at the Red Barn area and continue throughout the day until we complete the bracket.

One team per state, province or special interest group allowed.

A team will consist of nine players, one umpire, one scorekeeper and up to three subs.

Players may be substituted at any time with notification to the opposing team. The player removed may not return to that game. The line-up (roster) for each game does not have to stay the same for every game.

A new line-up (roster) will be submitted for each game.

A team may score no more than six runs in any inning.

If the batter’s toe touches or crosses the pitch line, the player is scored out. One umpire is required to watch the pitch line.

All players must walk the bases, HOWEVER, CHEERING AND HIGH FIVES ARE EXPECTED.

If a bag hangs in a hole, the umpire must watch closely to see if another bag knocks it in. If a subsequent bag knocks the hanging bag through, only the hanging bag counts.

A clear foul is allowed on the third strike only, the bag must go completely through the foul hole and must not hit the ground before going through the hole, then an extra bag is thrown.

Please bring your boards and bags if you have them.

If both teams have boards and bags, a coin toss will be held to determine which boards will be used. The bags from the opposing team will be used. This does not apply to the final round when a neutral board and bags will be used.

A team line-up (roster) on a score sheet must be presented to the opposing team. All substitutes must be reported to the opposing team.


NOTE: Please bring your lawn chairs with you, as extra seating is limited.

Remember – These games are designed for FUN AND FELLOWSHIP.