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Iowa: Iowa Winnie Hawks

February 08, 2017

February-The IA Winnie Hawks' 19th Winter Texan gathering was Feb. 2 at Mr. Gatti's Pizza in McAllen, TX.

Florida: South Florida Winnie Gators

February 02, 2017

January−We started our 45th year as South FL Winnie Gators with a campout at South Bay RV Park at the southern end of Lake Okeechobee.

Florida: Caloosa Winnies

February 02, 2017

January−On Dec. 30, many of the Caloosa Winnies arrived at Lazydays to begin a FUN celebration!

Illinois: Cardinal Capers

February 02, 2017

January-Our January luncheon food and service at the Cracker Barrel were good and the weather cooperated, which was a nice change from last month!

Washington: Peninsula WITs

February 02, 2017

January-The Peninsula WIT chapter of WA kicked off our January 2017 meeting with new officers, new members, new travel destinations, new charitable contributions, and plans for great fun this year.