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Florida: Dubol Winnies

March 05, 2013

Although most members arrived on Thursday, Feb. 14, the activities began on Friday.

Texas: Texas W Club

March 05, 2013

The January meetings can easily be affected by weather, so TX W decided to remove some of the cost of a meeting by having the members doing and being the party.

Virginia: Virginia Coasters

March 03, 2013

The Coasters went to Davis Lakes Campground in Suffolk, VA. Attending were the Ayers, Coolmans, Greens, Snows, and guests, Agrestes and Carrells.

Florida: Suncoast Winnie Gators

March 01, 2013

We had eight coaches at our campout. They were Bergsman, Schilp, McKay, Schurecht, Michielsen, Cipolla, Behnke, and Smith.

British Columbia: Fraser Valley Explorers

February 27, 2013

It seems a long time ago now since the Christmas Party when 46 members of the Fraser Valley Explorers gathered at the clubhouse in the Breitenstein's townhouse complex on Dec. 9.