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Florida: South Florida Winnie Gators

February 02, 2017

January−We started our 45th year as South FL Winnie Gators with a campout at South Bay RV Park at the southern end of Lake Okeechobee.

Florida: Caloosa Winnies

February 02, 2017

January−On Dec. 30, many of the Caloosa Winnies arrived at Lazydays to begin a FUN celebration!

Illinois: Cardinal Capers

February 02, 2017

January-Our January luncheon food and service at the Cracker Barrel were good and the weather cooperated, which was a nice change from last month!

Washington: Peninsula WITs

February 02, 2017

January-The Peninsula WIT chapter of WA kicked off our January 2017 meeting with new officers, new members, new travel destinations, new charitable contributions, and plans for great fun this year.

Virginia: Tidewater Tascas

January 23, 2017

November-The Tidewater Tascas met Nov. 18-20 at Davis Lakes Campground in Suffolk, VA and was hosted by Neil and Pat Bennett.