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Illinois: Winnie Poo Club

October 09, 2017

August−The weekend of Aug. 11-13 was a near-perfect weather weekend. We were at Sunset Lakes RV Resort, Joslin, IL. Those attending were: Willard and Martha Carroll, Tom and Julie Coogan, Dick and Joyce Jones, and Gene Reinholtz and his friend, Edwenna Mels. We also had Gene's daughter, Linda Reinholtz, and her daughter, Olivia. Linda is the recent owner of a 1994 Winnebago Brave. She is still getting used to it and all of its idiosyncrasies.

We ate out on Friday night at a local sports grill. It was loud and fun, but food could have been better. Saturday morning our host, Gene Reinholtz; his daughter, Julie; and son-in-law, Tom; helped prepare a delicious breakfast.

After our business meeting, we headed for the American Pickers Museum, Le Claire, IA. It was overloaded with visitors. We were not aware that Saturday coincided with the annual Tug Across the MS, so people had come from everywhere to either take part or watch the challenge. We went through the museum and then half of the group left for Bryant to watch the tug and the other half went to another nearby town looking for ice cream. We all met up back at the RV park. It was time to start getting the dinner underway. While it was cooking, we had a rousing game of dominoes.

We had another wonderful potluck…YUMMM. It doesn't matter if there are ten of us together or two dozen, we always come up with wonderful meals. It just works!

Gene had bought special fires for us. On Friday night, it was a special log that he purchased that was lit and we watched it transform as it burned. It burned from the inside out until it split into separate entities. Then each one had to burn until it had exhausted that phase. It was fascinating to watch.

On Saturday night, he used his fire in a can. He put special wood inside and then lit it. This fire burned a little faster, but was still fun to watch.

Sunday morning everyone was on their own. Some of us were up and out early and then got ready to leave.


By Joyce Jones