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Washington: Columbia River Rollers

September 08, 2017

July−Those attending: Phil and JoAnne, Dale and Carol, Bob and Phyllis, Ken and Jean, Walt, Jane and Lavelle, Steve and Pat, and Chuck and Bobbi.

What a great three days spent at the Lewis & Clark RV Park in Astoria, OR! The weather was wonderful, if a bit windy, but it kept it from being too warm. Everyone arrived on Thursday with the exception of Dale and Carol, who secured their spot on Wednesday. The Chamber of Commerce hosted a barbecue dinner at the RV park for their members and those staying at the park were invited to attend and partake. Didn't have to make a decision on where to have dinner and the food was wonderful. What a great way to start the outing!

Friday dawned with sunshine. After breakfast, most of us were off to Pier 39 and a visit to the Bumble Bee Salmon Cannery. It was a very interesting place, filled with the history of canning and there were even some old fishing boats on display. Who knew Bumble Bee didn't just can tuna, certainly not I. After our visit, which included an in-depth talk with the local crab seller, it was off to the famous Bowpicker for lunch.

Finding a space to park proved challenging, but once secured it was off to wait in line for lunch. Lunch in hand, we headed back to camp to consume the lightly battered tuna and chips. The wait was well worth it! Not having a beanbag baseball board, the afternoon was filled with chatting, napping, or more exploring.

We adjourned to the small clubhouse for Friday night's dinner fare which consisted of heavy appetizers, which were all really good. After dinner, it was back to sitting outside and listening to stories—and stories there were.

Saturday was yet another wonderful day. A wonderful breakfast was served by the Rose City group. After breakfast and meetings, there were those hearty souls who ventured out onto the golf course. Never did find out who was the victor. Those not chasing the little white ball around set out to explore the area.

Prior to dinner, the park owner presented us with a jar of homemade jam—what a nice surprise! Dinner consisted of hamburgers, hot dogs, and all the trimmings along with wonderful desserts. Great job cooking, Phil, Ken, and Bob!

Sunday morning several folks sat outside and enjoyed some fruit and other breakfast treats until it started to drizzle. That put an abrupt end to the gab fest and everyone headed back to their rigs to prepare for the ride home.

All in all, a really great weekend! Hope to see you all next month!

By JoAnne Akely