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Nevada: Vegas Rollers

September 08, 2017

May−Mike and Sheryl hosted our May outing at the Blakes Ranch RV Park located east of Kingman. There was a group of twelve coaches who rounded up the RV park. We had a nice dinner at the Petra Travel Center on Thursday night. And on Friday we took a trip to Grand Canyon Caverns and the town of Seligman. The Grand Canyon Caverns are the largest dry caverns in the United States, located 200-300 feet below the surface. The Caverns were cool with a constant temperature of 56 degrees with zero humidity. It was a great adventure, but a bit strenuous and we had a few tense moments when we lost a few of our members in the caves. We did find them!

After visiting the caverns, we went to the Road Kill Grill in Seligman, AZ for lunch. Everyone seemed to enjoy the fresh road kill meals they were served. The men also enjoyed looking at all the old Corvettes, MGs, and Hot Rods that were traveling through the town after lunch. Both of these adventures were off the beaten path and most people would miss these experiences had the leaders of our group had not introduced us.

By Marilyn Yamamoto