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Tennessee: West Tennessee Travelers

September 08, 2017

June−Six Coaches of the West TN Travelers met at Columbus-Belmont State Park in KY for their June outing of the 2017 season. Members present were: Ken, Jeannette, and Carissa Dixon; Mark and Pat Bolding; Larry and Jane Bolding; John and Sally Shannon; Bob Walter; and Judy Doyle.

The park is located on the bluff overlooking the MS River with Columbus, KY on the east side and Belmont, MO on the west and is the site of the Civil War Battle of Belmont in November 1861. The campgrounds are beautifully maintained and provide an excellent view of the MS River. One of our favorite pastimes was watching the barges round the bend and approach the numerous barge docks below the bluff.

While we were sitting outside checking out the scenery, some of the living scenery was checking us out. The groundhog had no fear of humans and casually went about his afternoon stroll.

On Monday, we enjoyed a delicious potluck dinner featuring Judy's crockpot spaghetti with all the sides and dessert provided by everyone else. As usual, when Carissa is present she keeps everyone entertained with her stories.

Tuesday evening we returned to Luke's restaurant where we once again enjoyed their brand of southern country cooking.

On Wednesday, we again enjoyed our favorite pastime of solving the world's problems and aggravating each other.

Safe travels and remember to bring your eye protection for viewing the total eclipse.

By Ken Dixon