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Virginia: Tidewater Tascas

September 07, 2017

June−On June 9-11 the Tasca campout was at Jelly Stone Park and Resort at Gloucester Point in Hayes, VA. What a special campground. We met people from up and down the east coast that come there annually.

Nine coaches attended the fun weekend hosted by Alan and Elizabeth Eggemeyer and Phil and Glenda Hannaford. The hosts prepared hamburgers and hot dogs for Friday evening and desserts were supplied by all.

Such fun watching Elle, Molly Eggemeyer, and their cousin Sloan enjoying the resort. Lots of time at the water park and to boot, it was "Pirates Theme" weekend. It's a Yogi Bear Jelly Stone Park and Yogi was everywhere—waving and interacting with the children was his job. We were all kids at heart!!!!

Saturday was our wonderful Tasca breakfast. A short meeting was held afterwards to order T-shirts and discuss the decorations (our duty) for the state rally. We adjourned to visit, walk the dogs, and watch the fun around us.

Saturday evening we were treated to a dinner of Crock-Pot chicken tacos and fajitas with all the toppings. One pot was a little spicier than the other, but both were delicious…so you just had to try both.

The park hosted a breakfast on Sunday in honor of Father's Day. What a nice gesture.

A huge thanks to Alan, Elizabeth, Phil, and Glenda for hosting. FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

By Ann Aldrich