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Missouri: Chief Winnies

September 07, 2017

June−Our campout at Crawford State Park in Farlington, KS on June 9-11 was hosted by Terry and Vickie Day. Thanks to Glenn Commonsfor sharing some thoughts on the weekend.

The ice cream 4-wheeler operated by two ladies about my age came by with $1 ice cream treats. Cozy loves ice cream and gets to clean off the stick once most of the ice cream and the chocolate are gone. Terry was taking a nap and missed the ice cream ladies. Boy, was he upset!

The lake is gorgeous. They use prisoners from the local prison to cut down brush and overhanging limbs to improve the view, but we were in sites where the prisoners had not come yet—it was still a great view.

On Saturday night after eating at the lake's only restaurant, we gathered for a campfire and to watch the sun go down and the fireflies come out. Perfect weather.

Vickie got an anniversary cake with the chapter's new flag and the chapter's 45th anniversary patch. We had cake and ice cream Friday and Saturday nights.

Good times, good friends, and good groceries.

By Nancy Colley