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Oklahoma: Sooner Schooners

September 06, 2017

June−We met at the Oasis RV Park in Amarillo, TX on June 7-11. Those members attending were: Bradleys, Carvers, Canidas, Carters, Cozzitortos, Harrises, Longs, Michaels, Sills, Susie Smeal, Theriots, Victerys, Walls, and the Wrights. In addition, Fred and Janet brought their daughter; Rich & Emily, a granddaughter; John & Mary brought their great granddaughter; and, Howard and Ann’s daughter and son-in-law joined us.

Those arriving on Tuesday went to the Calico County Restaurant for dinner. On Wednesday after a day of shopping and sightseeing, we all drove just a mile or so from the RV park and ate pizza at Joe's Pizza Pasta. The food was very good at both of these restaurants.

Then on Thursday night, everyone was treated to some fabulous hamburgers cooked by Howard and HB, with plenty of advice on how to cook hamburger meat by Fred, Larry, and Pete. Gayle and Ann did a great job getting the condiments ready and organizing the serving line. A big thanks to you ladies who brought desserts—they were really good and appreciated by all. Card playing and dominoes followed.

On Friday after a day of sightseeing, antique shopping, and visiting the RV museum, we assembled and left for the Big Texan. Some of us took the limousines provided by the RV park and Big Texan. It was fun listening to the drivers talk about Amarillo and the restaurant. It was especially a fun night as we got to watch three men try to eat the 72-ounce steak. One actually succeeded as everyone wildly cheered him on. Again, the steaks at the Big Texan were very tasty. After returning, more card playing and visiting continued.

Saturday morning we had a continental breakfast followed by our Sooner Schooner business meeting. After the opening prayer by Fred Long, we recognized those having birthdays in June: Bob Adamson, Carol McCoy, Freda Zacher, and Derrill Suggs. Anniversaries included Derrill and Jean Suggs, Ken and Donna Zwiegel, Chuckand Jean Wilson, Kim and Cathy Hutchinson, and Fred and Janet Long. Fred and Janet received a resounding "happy anniversary song" from everyone. Patrick Wright informed us of the new WIT Reps, Butch and Valerie Peters, who will be taking over next year. We collected $130 for our friends at Food & Shelter in Norman.

Then, for the finale and highlight of our outing, we all traveled to Palo Duro Canyon for the chuck wagon dinner and live theater production. It was a little warm out, but I thought the barbecue and all the trimmings were really good. For a preliminary program before the play started, a local Indian tribe entertained us with several native dances, in authentic costumes representing tribal traditions. The stage production, which told the story of the settlement of the TX Panhandle, along with some great music and singing was fantastic. The second half concluded with patriotic songs and fireworks and was incredible. We were all in awe. It was very much worth seeing.

Sunday we all returned safely to OK and home.

By HB Canida