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Oklahoma: Green Country Winnies

September 06, 2017

May/June−Let's talk about the state rally. We had 41 coaches (77 people) plus four other people who attended the rally, but did not bring coaches. That is a total of 81 people in attendance. We had people from six states—OK (47), TX (26), AR (2), MO (2), IL (2), and FL (2)! We are very fortunate to have so many out-of-state friends attend our state rally!!

From what we heard and saw during the rally, we believe everybody had a good time. The executive committee met right after the rally ended and made a list of things we did right and other things we need to tweak a bit to make some improvements. If you have any ideas for improvements or suggestions for new things to do, please let Darrell or any of the others on the committee know about them.

During the six days at home, Donna got the Okiebago financial records updated and completed for the year and sent them to Darrell for his review and distribution to the membership. She says that now she had been through it once, things will be easier for her next year. Let's hope so.

By Ken Zwiegel