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Arkansas: Ark-A-Bago

August 29, 2017

June−Nine club motorhomes attended the June campout at the AUX-ARC Corps Park on the Arkansas River at Ozark, AR: Bolte, Brandes, Brewster, Ford, Gould, Kadrzynski, Matthews, Rozeboom, and Sims.

We were also honored to have friends of the Goulds, Peter and Lynn Walton from Whitianga, New Zealand, traveling the U.S. in their Vista. And we were pleased to have our Honorary Members, Reed and Dee, join us for lunch on Tuesday. Several of us drove in heavy rain on Sunday morning. What can we say, "Ark-A-Bagos are meeting, send in the clouds and rain."

Sunday afternoon cleared off and we headed out on our first Adventure of the week—dinner at Byrd's Mulberry Riverfront Restaurant. It is about 45 minutes north-northeast from the AUX-ARC Park. It is one of those AR destinations that is so far back in the Ozark hills, that you would think they had to pipe in the sunshine. It is only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until 6:00 pm. The food and service was great! It is a campground for people that want to paddle the Mulberry or go 4-wheeling. They do have a music bandstand and two grass airstrips for flying recreation. They have a handful of 50-amp. spots.

On Monday, we enjoyed watching the river flow past. It was six inches below flood stage. The tow barges were parked at different places on the river. The heavy rain brought out the ants. We could not have any snacks out on the table. We learned this the hard way. Thank goodness Mary Ann realized it before she made it in her coach door with the banana bread along with the ant colony!

Tuesday morning we were getting ready to head out to visit Crabtree RV Center in Alma and look at new products when we lost power in camp. Luckily, it came back on in time for us to head out for our arrival at the dealership on time. There were several of us wishing for the pet monitoring system that we had read about in the May WIT Club e-News. (I will be getting more information on it!) We did set up some generators and moved some dogs just in case it popped off again while we were going to be in Alma.

We were able to shop a little at Crabtree RV and then head on to the Catfish Hole for lunch. Reed and Dee met us and we had a great visit. After lunch, some folks headed back to camp to check on the pets while others went out exploring the Alma area. Some went to A-Z while others went visiting and sightseeing.

Along with Reed and Dee, Nate and Judy took advantage of their nearby location and stopped in to visit Honorary Members, Al and Emma Guidani. It was so great to see and find them both in excellent spirits. We talked with Al about his old club's washer toss playing days and Emma's infamous short middle finger sign she always gave us with a big smile and laugh! They both said they look forward to reading the club newsletter every month when it arrives in the mail. God Bless them both!

We all ended up back at camp watching the river. The barges were starting to move as they were getting ready to start the river traffic that had been shut down since the rain on Sunday.

Wednesday morning we all loaded into cars and headed north to eat lunch at the Oark (O-ark) Café. It is the oldest continuous running general store in the state of AR. This was another gorgeous drive in the Ozarks. Some folks did not want to look down as we climbed the mountain taking the twist and turns to the top. We were the lead car going up the mountain and the people following said the oncoming cars started pulling over to the side as if we were a funeral procession. The drive was nice, but the food was simply too delicious.

We returned back to camp to sit and watch the river and visit with good friends. Liz and Tim's daughter and grandchildren brought birthday cake to celebrate Liz's birthday.

Thursday morning we started gathering to play games and work on projects on our motorhomes. We had a few laughs from the game "You Might Be a Redneck." That evening we went to dinner at a local barbecue across the river in Ozark. The ants were a little overwhelming when we brought out the food. Outdoor eating was at a minimum.

Friday morning we packed up and headed in various directions.

By Judy Brandes