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Pennsylvania: Capitol Area Winnies

August 29, 2017

June−The 2017 PA State WIT Rally theme, Viva La WIT, lent itself to a Las Vegas theme. With the main rally buildings decorated with casino items—dice, cards, poker chips, and even a wedding "chapel of love," attendees were in for a good time with seminars, vendors, fun, food, and fellowship with fellow WIT members. Fifty-five coaches were in attendance representing eleven states. CAW was represented by seven coaches.

CAW chapter, along with the other chapters, had lots of responsibilities during the rally. Several of our members helped cook hot dogs for the Thursday night dinner and we provided all the desserts. Al Kohl also provided some of the music for the evening "jam session" where lots of attendees helped provide music with kazoos, drums, etc. Beanbag baseball is always a fun event at the rally and several CAW members participated and our team won the championship! Good job, CAW.

Our Saturday evening event was a casino night. Many CAW members volunteered to help out. From Dan Gates being "the money man" handing out cash as folks entered to Lois Gates and Jackie Kohl volunteering to ride horses in the horse racing event, a good time was had by all.

After the casino events, an auction was held so casino winnings could be used to purchase gifts. The gambling was fun, but the auction really topped off the evening. Using the "play" money from the casino, attendees had a great time bidding huge amounts of cash for the items up for auction. Several CAW members were the lucky bidders on some auction items. As the last item went up for bid, attendees started handing their money to those bidding on the final item and CAW's newest member, Gemma Phillips, was the lucky bidder.

On Sunday morning after coffee and donuts, we had our church service followed by the PA State WIT Club business meeting where we heard from our Eastern Area Reps, Stewart and Tammy Smith; elected a new state secretary; reviewed our 2017 rally, and discussed themes for the 2018 rally. That concluded this year's rally.

As usual, it was a wonderful event where we had fun and fellowship with other WIT members that we knew and made many new WIT friends. It also gave us an opportunity to get to know some of our newest CAW members.

By Elaine Boltz