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Florida: Du-Bol Winnies

August 29, 2017

June−Our June campout at Cedar Key RV Resort had a surprising compilation of weather—sunshine, blue skies, puffy clouds, plenty of breezes, some rain, and a surprising limited number of bugs. The hosts for this campout were yours truly, Russ Grimm, with assistance from Paul and Lynda Yeany and Barry and Millie de Picciotto. Our theme was: Fresh as a Daisy. Cedar Key is a delightful, seacoast small town that our group has enjoyed for many years. Our campout here is not complete without a visit to this quaint little town.

Our group activities included a tour of the Cedar Key tides by the Island Tidewater Tours Boat Co. We had a gorgeous day for being on the water. So glad we didn't have to spend years on Snake Island—thinking of the TV show "Gillian's Island." We also did a "grill your own meat" night and bring a side to share along with a group dinner at Robinsons Seafood Restaurant.

There was a rematch of the guys vs. the gals beanbag baseball game. Boo-hoo, the men won 10-9, but the gals sure did give the guys a run for their money. The only reason they won was because they had to recruit an outsider (a non Du-Bol Winnie) to have enough guys to play. He hit a home run to give them their extra point; otherwise, the game would have been a tie. Game on fellows!!

Games of choice were held most evenings, but one night was set aside for LRC (Left, Right, Center). We had three tables of six players playing three games each. The winners from each table then played a final match with the top winner, Connie Lackey, receiving the grand prize of six lottery tickets. The runner-up, Millie de Picciotto, received four lottery tickets. Congratulations to Connie and Millie.

As hosts, we tried to come up with a special treat for everyone. We decided to treat the group to two local specialties during the campout. Tony's Restaurant, located in Cedar Key, is known for its homemade New England clam chowder. This delicious local treat was served during one of our buffet meals. Another local treat was served on Sunday, Father's Day, during our farewell breakfast. Homemade donuts from the Holey Moley Café were served. Finger-licking delicious!

Our club meeting was conducted by president Russ Grimm. He introduced our guests, Bob and Barbara Coman. They are from Savannah, GA. They discovered us through the WIT magazine, contacted Russ, registered for the June campout, loved our group, and have now become the newest members of the Du-Bol Winnies. Besides joining our club, they befriended another couple who also have a Winnebago and was parked next to them and they were invited to join our group. They are John and Kim English. They enjoyed themselves so much, they immediately joined WIT, emailed Russ their WIT number and membership application, and have joined our group. Our final guests were new members Michael and Nancy Fitzsimmons from Jacksonville, FL. They were only able to join us for one night, but wanted to meet our group. We are so glad these folks chose the Du-Bol Winnies for their club experience. Please join us in welcoming our newest members when you meet them.

Congratulations to Tom and Connie Davies. They recently became the proud owners of a new 2017 Vista XL 30T. A wine and cheese party was observed by them to view their new coach. Thank you, Tom and Connie.

Our campout had 21 coaches present with 39 people attending.

By Arlene Grimm