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Oregon: Winnie 'Gonians

August 14, 2017

June−Our June campout was held with the state club at Hee Hee Illahee RV Resort in Salem. The resort has plenty of long pull throughs with 30/50 amp., cable TV, and internet. The clubhouse has plenty of tables and chairs, a nice kitchen, a large screen TV, and even a pool table. They have a laundry, an indoor hot tub, and an outdoor pool that seemed to be very well utilized. Some of our members took advantage of it and got cooled off and even wet.

Thursday evening we went out to dinner at the Almost Home Restaurant in Salem. They had tasty food and the service was very nice, too.

Friday morning Marv and Karen, Vern and Dee, and Corrine and I went to the Original Pancake House for breakfast. Some of their breakfasts are much more than anyone can eat in one sitting, but we tried. We were finished in time for Marv and Karen to make it to the Executive Board Meeting and some of us had time to go shopping for things we forgot to bring.

Friday afternoon we all met at the clubhouse for happy hour and visiting. We welcomed new members to the Winnie 'Gonians and the state club. Richard and Sandy Cox are neighbors of ours in Aloha, but we just now met them.

Friday evening the Gad-A-Bouts prepared an excellent spaghetti dinner for us. After dinner, we spent the evening visiting and getting to know our new members. Corrine gave some of the ladies a few line dance lessons getting ready for rally. She said the ladies caught on fast and they will help her at rally.

Saturday morning the Gad-A-Bouts served a breakfast with French toast and sausage, juice and coffee. Ray Daniel was doing a fantastic job and we certainly appreciate him. After breakfast, we had the state meeting and Jim brought us up to date on the changes for rally this year. We will be sharing duties on the hospitality table with the Cascade Travelers and no one must prepare any meals this year.

After the state meeting, Karen opened the meeting for the Winnie 'Gonians and welcomed our new members, Richard and Sandy Cox.

That afternoon we had another social hour followed almost immediately by a potluck dinner. We hardly ever go hungry.

After dinner, we were introduced to our new sheriff and then the judge entered and we all stood. Jim was dressed in a black robe and white wig and had his gavel handy. The sheriff had his attorney present and court came to order. They fined almost everyone in the room, even me. The judge said I was much too noisy and rowdy and the fine would be in the thousands, but he excused me so I did not have to pay. It was a great evening and the club made a lot of money on all those who trespassed.

Sunday morning the Gad-A-Bouts provided a continental breakfast and after cleanup, some of us had to go home, but some of the lucky ones got to stay another night.

Thanks to the Gad-A-Bouts for a great weekend.

By Paul Christensen