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Washington: Rainier Ramblers

August 14, 2017

May−This event was held at the Cashmere City Fairgrounds May 17-21, which has full hookups and grassy grounds. It was surrounded by views of the snowy mountains and beautiful landscapes.

Three of our couples were first timers and they were invited to attend a special event which introduced them to the Wash-I-Bagos leadership, WIT representatives, and club presidents.

Days ahead offered opportunities to attend the many seminars and events. Events included tips from the State Patrol, care of different systems on coaches, and tips to care for different systems on RVs. There were also opportunities to enter handicrafts for display and competition. Many participated in the golf tournament, beanbag baseball, as well as enjoyed getting to know other members of the varied clubs. Lunches and dinners were great and there was entertainment throughout—a great mix of many events. Those of us who attended had a good time and learned a lot as well.

After the NWRR, we Ramblers, along with people of two different clubs, headed for an after-event gathering at the City of Chelan Lakeshore RV Park in Lake Chelan, WA on May 21-25. This was pretty casual, but John Phillips of the San Juanderers spearheaded the days as a wonderful host! John has done this for a number of years and knows the area well!

We gathered whenever we could and visited, sharing experiences. There was golf, fishing, barbequing, sharing stories, and just wonderful get-togethers. The fishermen limited twice and one evening we had a great fish barbeque plus delicious sides! It was great. Many people took the opportunity to ride the Lady of the Lake and journeyed to Stehekin. This year's snow pack made the trip just that much more beautiful.

During the last evening, some of us gathered at an outdoor restaurant in Lake Chelan for a great meal and lots of conversation. It was a wonderful combined outing!!

By Carol Robel